Q: Are your photos really you?
A: Yes my photos are 100% real. They are an honest representation of me at this time. My gallery will be consistently kept up to date over time

Q: Can I see a picture of your face?

A: As you can understand the need for privacy and discretion, I can’t send or show you a photo of my face. My clientele is also very discrete and greatly value my anonymity. I can assure that you wont be disappointed when we do meet.

Q: What should I do with the honorarium when I see you?
A: The honorarium, in the correct amount, should be in an unsealed envelope with my name on it. Please  place it discreetly on the nearest  table at the beginning of our time together.

Q: What kind of gifts should I bring?
A: I do not expect any gifts, nor are they required. However, if you wish to bring something feel free to check out my Wish List.

Q: What are my sizes:?
A: In lingerie I am 32B on top, Small for bottoms.  Everything else would be size X-Small.  

Q: What type of clients do you wish to see? 
A: I do not discriminate by age, race, size, etc.  However it is my preference not to visit with anyone who is unkind, negative or disrespectful.  Remember a first impression is a lasting one. I reserve the right to refuse inquiries that I judge are not compatible with me.  Please respect my decision.  If I see that you are trying to book me under another screen name or alias it will just have reinforced that I have made the right decision by refusing your inquiry.

Q: What type of encounter should i expect with you? 
A: First, I am not an a-la-carte massage artist... I want to create a connection that goes beyond the physical, therefore in order to keep all encounters unique I enjoy being spontaneous...
I do not take requests for scripted sessions nor do I accept a list of activities you want to accomplish during our time together, although I am very keen to know your likes and dislikes.
You will find me sensual, passionate, warm and down-to earth and provide an experience where we will share a genuine connection.

Q: Can we go out for a date or drinks without any compensation?
A: Unfortunately not...This is not a dating service. I am a paid massage artist. 

Q: Are your rates negotiable?
A: No they are not. I believe that I am an exclusive luxury, a treat, not a commodity or a necessity. 

Q: How will you dress while on a Lunch/Dinner Date?
A: While I like to accommodate any requests, I will always dress in proper manner to the type of social event.  I am already a tall statuesque, striking blond and do know when it is time to be discreet and classic.